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We make every effort to ensure that the products we create never fail to meet your expectations, even in the face of the boldest projects. The same applies to our papers, we know that they are used not only for traditional gift wrapping, they often become part of unusual arrangements, and they are an important addition to floristic compositions and help you bring original spatial designs to life. <br /> That is why each of them has a corrugated structure, thanks to which it maintains its shape for a long time, they are also waterproof so they will make an ideal composition with plants in your projects. We do our best so that you can choose the perfect colour and pattern for your needs. We hope that thanks to this you will find a lot of fun in:

  • Handmade interior design elements such as paintings, garlands, or spatial models.
  • Creating flower bouquets for which paper will be a great addition, emphasizing its individual and unique character.
  • Gift wrapping for all occasions because, despite the passage of time, paper is still the best material in this field.
  • Creating works in the fields of, among others scrapbooking.
  • Manually creating invitations, cards and tickets that will add the right character to the selected circumstances.
  • Creative development of plastic skills in children.
  • Create personalized covers for books, notebooks, or notebooks.