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Both the ecological trend and the increasingly popular rustic style are a sign of longing for the timeless beauty of natural materials. Since they revolutionized the world of design, earth tones are more and more often used in our homes, and plastics are successively replaced by raw wood, stone, jute, and linen. Trying to keep pace with the ever-changing trends, we have created a collection of "natural" ribbons captivating with freshness, elegant simplicity, and neutrality. In addition to the popular smooth jute ribbons, which have stormed the hearts of enthusiasts of floristry and decorating, we offer ribbons full of grace and lightness. Although they look great solo, they gain real flavour in a duet - jute tapes are a beautiful background for lace ribbons. They also feel exceptionally well in the company of papers and raffia. The colour palette, dominated by universal beiges, muted browns, greys and olive green, allows them to be used in a variety of ways - the natural ribbon will emphasize the nature of the floristic composition and make even the most easily packed gift more attractive. Such an accessory - properly displayed and harmonizing with the decor, will also bring a breath of freshness and natural grace to the interior. Careful supervision over the quality of our materials and the desire to constantly improve, have resulted in unique and, above all, cooperative articles that have been appreciated by the most demanding design lovers for over forty years.