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Ribbons have been the most common companions for various kinds of gifts. Because who would be able to imagine Christmas presents without bows crowning them? We would not be able, so from the beginning of the company's existence, we put an effort to create wide range of our ribbons so that each of you will find exactly what you need for a given occasion.

Synthetic ribbons are made of polypropylene, thanks to which they are durable and resistance to the difficult weather conditions. Therefore, they will be an ideal material for those who expect their projects to be easy to create and maintain the right shape for a long time. They can be used to create:

  • Accessories, thanks to which baptism and communion, also visually, will become one of the most beautiful moments in life.
  • Centrepiece and funeral wreaths that will create appropriate atmosphere.
  • Art installations, even the most original ones.
  • A variety of craft projects, from handmade invitations to Christmas tree decorations.
  • Fancy wrapping of gifts that will delight with their appearance in any situation.
  • Wedding decorations that will please the eyes of the newlyweds and all the gathered guests throughout the day and all night.