• Plaid ribbon 3cm/100y (111083)
  • Plaid ribbon 3cm/100y (111083)

Plaid ribbon 3cm/100y (111083)

Reference 111083 3/100 14-15-18
Kolory 14-Jasnoróżowy
15-Cukierkowy róż

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Plaid ribbon 3cm/100y (111083)

Plaid ribbon 3cm/100y (111083)

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Beautiful synthetic matte ribbon.

Dimensions: 3cm/100y

Tightly wound on a spool, woven, printed or stamped. Each of them is surrounded by exceptional care and attention from the very beginning. We know very well that every detail counts in them, because they often accompany you in extremely important life situations. That is why we try to combine beauty with durability in perfect proportions. They can become an element that gently emphasizes the character of a gift, a colorful addition to a bouquet or the heart of a spatial installation. You are only limited by your imagination in their use.

Made in Poland.

Important: The actual color of the product may differ slightly from the one presented in the picture.