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    A dream gift is one that will delight not only with a properly selected product, but also with unique packaging. Because it is what initially attracts our eyes, arousing our curiosity. These foils are an excellent choice for people who want to decorate gifts with irregular shapes, giving them a subtle charm. We hope that each of you will find something to create a stylish packaging.

  • Soft foils

    Wrapping gifts on your own is not difficult, everyone who has used our soft foils knows it. They are an ideal solution for people who will take up such challenge for the first time and for those who are already familiar with all the techniques of artistic packaging. Loved ones who are gifted with such packed gift will probably be pleasantly surprised.

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From the very beginning we try to make each of our foils unique. It is very important for us because we know that they accompany you in many amazing moments that will be remembered for a long time. Therefore, at every stage of production, we make sure that they amaze both with their appearance and quality. There is no greater reward for us than the smile of people who open amazing gifts wrapped in our materials. Our offer includes transparent, satin, and soft foils. Each of these types is waterproof, available in a wide range of colours and original designs. We hope that thanks to our efforts, wrapping gifts becomes pure pleasure and creating unusual arrangements will give even more satisfaction, and creating new decorations gives you even more energy to come up with new projects. Our foils are perfect for:

  • Interior design, decoration of shop windows and decorating wedding halls.
  • Creating wedding decorations and accessories, e.g. in the form of an original background for a wedding photo session.
  • Packing gifts for any occasion.
  • Creating extraordinary bouquets of flowers or sweets.
  • The works of art by experienced artists and beginner DIY enthusiasts.
  • Creating impressive large bows that can be used to decorate a selected space.
  • The role of original treads that will always delight the guests.
  • Create a unique notebook, calendar, or favourite book cover.