Jute fabric

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This graceful material, is the best decorative element in a rustic climate, will gracefully play the role of a stylish table setting, decorative jute bags (given to guests with a gift) or ring cushions - usually accompanied by a delicate, openwork tape.

As a multifunctional fabric, it is a great alternative to paper when wrapping gifts. Although the structure of jute is quite stiff and very durable, it can be successfully formed into even the most fanciful shapes. Following the principle of opposites attracting each other, this seemingly coarse and raw material loves the company of ribbons and colored strings.

In addition, it is an original complement to any flower arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths, jars and potted plants (with an emphasis on pots :)). It is worth adding that jute can be unraveled by pulling out single edge threads, which gives very interesting decorative effects. We encourage you to try something new! :)