• Sizofiber

    Under this mysterious name lies a decorative material, which is made of irregularly interwoven, compressed threads. Sizofiber brings to a mind a fancifully woven spiderweb and gives an elegant character to all floristic compositions and arrangements.

    It successfully stands out on the table during less important events as well as during more important ones, beautifully composing with a tablecloth on the basis of contrast, and as sashes or sophisticated bows, decorating the backs of the chairs.

    Thanks to its light, translucent and flexible structure, the material has become the basic decorative element in the interior of wedding halls and churches – for this purpose, in addition to standard white and ecru colours, we also recommend silver and unusual, dimmed gold.

  • Nets

    These are materials that, at first glance, may seem like a non-obvious floral choice. On closer examination, it turns out that they have as wide range of applications as our other materials. The net is a durable product and, despite its dimensions, it is extremely easy to model. It is a material made of natural jute fibers, thanks to which it easily conquers the hearts of people who value durability and follow the latest eco trends. Depending on your needs, you can choose it in classic colours or with the addition of a decorative thread perfect for special occasions. For years he has been working in:

    • Creating large bouquets of original character and form.
    • Packing gifts of various sizes and shapes.
    • Bringing bold floral installations to life.
    • Creating original interior arrangements and adjacent green areas.
    • Decorating festive tables where you can spend a nice time with your loved ones.
    • Artistic works such as greeting cards, greeting invitations, scrapbooking and many more.
    • Creating eye-catching designs for shop windows.
  • Jute fabric

    This graceful material, is the best decorative element in a rustic climate, will gracefully play the role of a stylish table setting, decorative jute bags (given to guests with a gift) or ring cushions - usually accompanied by a delicate, openwork tape.

    As a multifunctional fabric, it is a great alternative to paper when wrapping gifts. Although the structure of jute is quite stiff and very durable, it can be successfully formed into even the most fanciful shapes. Following the principle of opposites attracting each other, this seemingly coarse and raw material loves the company of ribbons and colored strings.

    In addition, it is an original complement to any flower arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths, jars and potted plants (with an emphasis on pots :)). It is worth adding that jute can be unraveled by pulling out single edge threads, which gives very interesting decorative effects. We encourage you to try something new! :)

  • PP nets

    DIY decorations can give great satisfaction and create a unique atmosphere in the interior. It is an amazing feeling when we can implement an idea that has long developed in our head. Our pp nets are products that can be used in hundreds of ways. It all depends on your imagination. The nets can be a great complement to flower bouquets and a unique gift wrap. Thanks to them, we can independently and inexpensively create original accessories for our home, such as candlesticks, centerpieces, vases, flower pots and many more. In our store you will find nets in two color versions - orange and green. Our products are made of extremely durable material.

  • Fliseline

    Non-woven fabric is a thin decorative fabric commonly used in floristry and interior design.

    It is characterized by a waterproof, smooth and non-fading surface - a modeling skin, and at the same time durable enough to successfully play the role of a decorative, colorful ruff, an impressive bow or an original complement to a bouquet. Due to the fact that it is easy to form, it is eagerly used as a decorative element of the interior of wedding halls, churches and wedding vehicles. It will work as a subtle table runner, and fancifully pinned up - as an ornament for chairs, windows, even the ceiling.

    Thanks to the good coverage of the wrapped surfaces and a flexible structure, it will also be able to pack gifts - even those problematic, irregularly shaped.

    She makes a great duo with raffia, and a trio with the addition of paper!

  • Fabrics

    These are materials that, thanks to their subtlety and delicacy, have been winning the hearts of florists for years. They are used in original interior design projects, which add charm and elegance. Many people also appreciate the ease with which they are made of delightful accessories.

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Contemporary decorations, both for interior and arrangement elements, require extraordinary and original solutions. We create our product offer in an innovative and unconventional way. We put an effort to ensure that the floristic and decorative items we offer meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. By combining various textures, colours and patterns, we create one-of-a-kind floral accessories.