Newspaper paper (138000)

Reference 138000 - 50/10 56-0A-45
Availability date: 2020-12-01
Kolory 45-Czarny

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Newspaper paper (138000)

Newspaper paper (138000)

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Our new newspaper-paper is a model inspired by top magazines. In the blink of an eye, it will add Parisian elegance and nonchalance to flowers, enchanting the eyes with its exquisite design and minimalism at its best. The paper was produced using an unconventional method, unknown to you so far, which enabled us to precisely transfer the pattern, including photos, to the base. This model is waterproof, has a perfectly smooth surface, flawless quality and an interesting history ;). On our shelves you will find it in three color versions: mint, white and pink. Speaking of mint... check out our new woven ribbons in delicious shades of matcha latte, vanilla and raspberry cream - beautiful, subtle and thoroughly spring!

Decorative paper is designed for all creative applications. It is a great complement to floristic compositions, allows you to pack a gift in a way adapted to the occasion and allows you to create original decorations. Also useful in scrapbooking.

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