Violet paper 100/10 (131000)

Reference 131000 100/10 27-00-00
Kolory 27-Fioletowy

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Violet paper 100/10 (131000)

Violet paper 100/10 (131000)

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Corrugated paper.

Dimensions: 100cm/10m

Seemingly inconspicuous, bound on a roll, but do not believe appearances. He likes to be cut, torn, darted, crumpled or glued. He's not even afraid of water! Its destiny is to bring great joy. Unrolled on the table, it becomes a table runner, wrapping the flowers emphasizes their beauty, covering the gift will charm every recipient. Give it a new creative life.

Made in Poland.

Important: The actual color of the product may differ slightly from the one presented in the picture.