• PP ribbons

    Ribbons have been the most common companions for various kinds of gifts. Because who would be able to imagine Christmas presents without bows crowning them? We would not be able, so from the beginning of the company's existence, we put an effort to create wide range of our ribbons so that each of you will find exactly what you need for a given occasion.

    Synthetic ribbons are made of polypropylene, thanks to which they are durable and resistance to the difficult weather conditions. Therefore, they will be an ideal material for those who expect their projects to be easy to create and maintain the right shape for a long time. They can be used to create:

    • Accessories, thanks to which baptism and communion, also visually, will become one of the most beautiful moments in life.
    • Centrepiece and funeral wreaths that will create appropriate atmosphere.
    • Art installations, even the most original ones.
    • A variety of craft projects, from handmade invitations to Christmas tree decorations.
    • Fancy wrapping of gifts that will delight with their appearance in any situation.
    • Wedding decorations that will please the eyes of the newlyweds and all the gathered guests throughout the day and all night.
  • Woven ribbons

    Both the ecological trend and the increasingly popular rustic style are a sign of longing for the timeless beauty of natural materials. Since they revolutionized the world of design, earth tones are more and more often used in our homes, and plastics are successively replaced by raw wood, stone, jute, and linen. Trying to keep pace with the ever-changing trends, we have created a collection of "natural" ribbons captivating with freshness, elegant simplicity, and neutrality. In addition to the popular smooth jute ribbons, which have stormed the hearts of enthusiasts of floristry and decorating, we offer ribbons full of grace and lightness. Although they look great solo, they gain real flavour in a duet - jute tapes are a beautiful background for lace ribbons. They also feel exceptionally well in the company of papers and raffia. The colour palette, dominated by universal beiges, muted browns, greys and olive green, allows them to be used in a variety of ways - the natural ribbon will emphasize the nature of the floristic composition and make even the most easily packed gift more attractive. Such an accessory - properly displayed and harmonizing with the decor, will also bring a breath of freshness and natural grace to the interior. Careful supervision over the quality of our materials and the desire to constantly improve, have resulted in unique and, above all, cooperative articles that have been appreciated by the most demanding design lovers for over forty years.

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  • Fabrics

    Contemporary decorations, both for interior and arrangement elements, require extraordinary and original solutions. We create our product offer in an innovative and unconventional way. We put an effort to ensure that the floristic and decorative items we offer meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. By combining various textures, colours and patterns, we create one-of-a-kind floral accessories.

  • Gift wrapping papers

    We make every effort to ensure that the products we create never fail to meet your expectations, even in the face of the boldest projects. The same applies to our papers, we know that they are used not only for traditional gift wrapping, they often become part of unusual arrangements, and they are an important addition to floristic compositions and help you bring original spatial designs to life.
    That is why each of them has a corrugated structure, thanks to which it maintains its shape for a long time, they are also waterproof so they will make an ideal composition with plants in your projects. We do our best so that you can choose the perfect colour and pattern for your needs. We hope that thanks to this you will find a lot of fun in:

    • Handmade interior design elements such as paintings, garlands, or spatial models.
    • Creating flower bouquets for which paper will be a great addition, emphasizing its individual and unique character.
    • Gift wrapping for all occasions because, despite the passage of time, paper is still the best material in this field.
    • Creating works in the fields of, among others scrapbooking.
    • Manually creating invitations, cards and tickets that will add the right character to the selected circumstances.
    • Creative development of plastic skills in children.
    • Create personalized covers for books, notebooks, or notebooks.
  • Home accessories

    The style and mood of the interior are built by the elements that are in it. That is why we attach such attention to the selection of products that are in this category. With us, you will fulfill your dreams of an elegant living room, a beautifully decorated bedroom or an original kitchen. Practical accessories for your home will allow you to quickly change the arrangement of the room, emphasizing its unique design.

  • Kwiaty sztuczne
  • Foils

    From the very beginning we try to make each of our foils unique. It is very important for us because we know that they accompany you in many amazing moments that will be remembered for a long time. Therefore, at every stage of production, we make sure that they amaze both with their appearance and quality. There is no greater reward for us than the smile of people who open amazing gifts wrapped in our materials. Our offer includes transparent, satin, and soft foils. Each of these types is waterproof, available in a wide range of colours and original designs. We hope that thanks to our efforts, wrapping gifts becomes pure pleasure and creating unusual arrangements will give even more satisfaction, and creating new decorations gives you even more energy to come up with new projects. Our foils are perfect for:

    • Interior design, decoration of shop windows and decorating wedding halls.
    • Creating wedding decorations and accessories, e.g. in the form of an original background for a wedding photo session.
    • Packing gifts for any occasion.
    • Creating extraordinary bouquets of flowers or sweets.
    • The works of art by experienced artists and beginner DIY enthusiasts.
    • Creating impressive large bows that can be used to decorate a selected space.
    • The role of original treads that will always delight the guests.
    • Create a unique notebook, calendar, or favourite book cover.
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  • Raphia

    This narrow beauty, thanks to the attention we pay to it and the wide colour palette in which we create it, is one of our flagship products for many years. No wonder that it conquers the hearts of our customers, because since it is made of polypropylene, it resists changing weather conditions longer than other products, while maintaining ease of modelling. Despite its inconspicuous width, the range of its applications is extremely impressive. In addition to a wide range of colours, it is also available in various designs, thanks to which we are surer that you will find what you are looking for.

    We know from our own experience that it can be used without any problems for:

    • Decoration of occasional bouquets that will bring a sincere smile to the face of the recipient.
    • Unconventional packaging of all kinds of gifts, of various shapes and sizes.
    • Filling gift boxes and wicker gift baskets.
    • Fastening labels not only on hand-made products.
    • Handicrafts of various forms and purposes.
    • A subtle arrangement of home space.
    • Christmas decorations, thanks to which the magic will stay in your homes and businesses for good.
    • Easter decorations that will delight you with spring colours.
    • Decorate perfume jars or bottles.
    • Packing delicious confectionery.
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  • Toile de Jouy collection

    Do you remember the Toile de Jouy (read: tl de żłi) fabric, dotted with idyllic genre scenes, which has been stealing the hearts of aesthetes since the 18th century?

    It was she who inspired us to create ribbons and papers included in the winter collection 2023/2024!

    The Toile de Jouy motif was created in the head of a dyer from Versailles - C.P. Oberkampf. Apparently the main inspiration for its creation were the games taking place at the court of Marie Antoinette, which Oberkampf transformed into a visual story about the era.

    French landscapes, picnics, hunting, lovers' trysts and stolen kisses - these are just a sample of what you could see there!

    Our new French style delights with its sparse but very well-thought-out colors, which perfectly match the luxurious design. We transferred the new print to woven ribbons and fluted papers, limiting ourselves to only three colors that perfectly fit the Toile de Jouy atmosphere.

    We hope that the new collection will be warmly welcomed by you!

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